Master Zhu was an internationally recognized martial artist who began his studies at age seven. His studies included Nan Chuan (Southern Boxing), Five Animal Form, Hung Gar, Choi Li Fut, Tai Chi, and Taoist He Jia Chuan. In 1962, Master Zhu won the youth level all around excellence award at the Chinese Southern Regional Martial Arts Championship. That same year he began his Qigong training. He learned to break hard stones with his palm, split stone slabs with his head, snap steel wires wrapped around his body, bend steel bars, and resist sword and long dagger with his throat.

In 1963, at age 14, he studied White Crane Kung Fu with a well known martial arts master. In over 45 years of practice, he has won top honors in numerous Chinese Regional and National Championships. Master Zhu was a Chinese Martial Arts Master, a Qiqong Master, and a Chinese medicine practitioner