White Crane Kung Fu is one of China's more varied and unusual schools of Kung Fu.It's main characteristics combine stength and flexibility. This southern style has five main forms.

Leaping Crane: stretching and leaping with speed and prowess

Flying Crane: coordination of strength and flexibility with swift movements and body and awareness

Calling Cranestrong and powerful voice with energy and concentration; when combined, power is released

Resting Crane: rest to conserve strength and to intercept forthcoming attacks

Feeding Crane: Highly combatitive style, aggressiveness and vigor to initiate combat

By combining strength with flexibility, White Crane is able to turn the force of opponent toones advantage or neutralize the force of the opponent and attack with power. The WhiteCrane Style combines the use of fists, palms, fingers, legs, and elbows in a variety of movements to increase ones strength, flexibility, coordination and self defense techniques.