Chuin, Pow, Kahp: The First 3 Fists of Toisan White Crane

Master Zhu demonstrates the first 3 basic fist forms of Toisan White Crane. By utilizing proper body alignment, shifting of weight and twisting of the waist. These aspects of form are essential in generating power in punches as they compliment one another.


Chuin is a piercing strike with emphasis on punching through the target. This strike may be executed via open palm, closed fist or fingers. Targets may include the eyes, throat and other vital points on the body.

Pow is similar to an uppercut. The fist is closed and swings in an upward arc (palm up) This fist is useful for breaking the bridge of an opponent. Targets include arms, elbows, hands and legs  Pow has many variations

Kahp is similar to Pow but swings in a downward arc over the shoulder similar to the mechanics of throwing a baseball. Both techniques greatly compliment each other and are interchangeable. That is, Pow may be thrown and immediately reversed into Kahp or vice versa. There are several variations of Kahp.