Overview of the Toisan White Crane Kung Fu System:

Toisan White Crane is a unique kung fu style that utilizes both long and short range fist.

White Crane Kung Fu is highly deceptive as the crane can change direction in an instant and turn an offensive strike into a defensive blockor vice versa. The crane often draws his opponent inward, feigning retreat, then attacks with continuous strikes.

Toisan White Crane Fists are without recoil--Toisan White Crane style combines three fist sets and each set includes three subsets for a total of 9 main fists which can be executed in mulitple variations. The fists sets are the foundation for each form in the system as they build upon one another and can be combined in many different ways to increase versatility. The Crane Claw (Jow) is used to target the opponent's pressure points in a similar manner as the Eagle claw.

White Crane Kung Fu focuses on health--with strong emphasis on total body and mind. Smooth and flowing movements allow for good circulation of blood and Qi, while allowing the lungs to expand and contract more naturally. The techniques used mitigate impact on joints while strengthening ligaments, muscles and tendons. Master Zhu's knowledge of medicine and physiology was an important factor in his understanding of this art and its effects on his students' unique body types. His medicinal expertise allowed him to customize exercises for various individuals.