Arizona White Crane Sport Association: offers traditional Chinese White Crane style Kung Fu classes for teens and adults from ages 16 and up. Each student is taught individually and in a group environment, where students practice and ask questions.Our curriculum is designed to help students maximize their time spent in and outside of class. See the following link for more information: "Our School"
White Crane style Kung Fu is a complete martial art system dedicated to promoting individual health and well being as well as self defense. Our program also combines White Crane style Tai Chi and Qigong as well as traditional Chinese lion dancing
Arizona White Crane Lion Dance & Martial Art Demo Team:  offers traditional southern Chinese style lion dance for all occasions. We work hard to bring you the very best in entertainment and performance. We can help plan your event no matter what the occasion including schools, weddings, restaurants, corporate functions, new business grand openings and many other event types. Our experience is unsurpassed and we will make sure your event is a success! Please take a look at our photo and video portfolio.
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